Quality Policy



We are aware that the strategic element for the development of our company is the continuous satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of the customers. To be able to promptly identify and interpret the requirements and expectations, it is essential that the Company Organization and the behaviors of all of us are oriented to the achievement of these goals.

CELAB® adopts a quality system for the following scope : Activities of Notified Body

Our organization endorses the concepts of Impartiality, Competence, Responsibility, Transparency, Confidentiality, Rapid and Effective answer to the complaints.
Such as to ensure:

  • Our commercial abilities for affirming ourselves not only in the national territory but also abroad;
  • Good professional practice and the quality of the activities provided to the customers;
  • The security of the information provided by the client;
  • Technical competences;
  • The continuous improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the QMS;
  • Customer satisfaction;
  • The commitment to operate in nondiscriminatory way;
  • The commitment to the satisfaction of the customers’ requirements;
  • The commitment to ensure the quality of the service provided;
  • The commitment to comply with the international Standards EN ISO 17020:2012 as a Type A Inspection Body;
  • The commitment to comply with the requirements of the Accreditation Body;
  • The communication and the involvement of the requirements inside and outside the organization;
  • The review, in case of modification in the QMS, in order to assess its integrity;
  • The involvement of all the staff involved in the activities in the knowledge of the documentation of the quality, of the policies and of the procedures.

To achieve the indicated objectives, the Management commits to make available to the company all the means and the necessary support such as: staff, equipment and specialized training.

In particular, for the promotion and the coordination of the activities to be undertaken the administrator has nominated a person who is responsible for the Quality Management System that responds directly to the management itself.