Notified Body Red Directive 2014/53/EU



CELAB Ltd is a Notified Body  for the Directive RED 2014/53/EU.

Celab is notified body for Directive RED 2014/53/EU !!!

Examples of objects to which the RED directive 2014/53/EU applies:

  • Remote Controls;
  • Transceivers;
  • Receivers;
  • Products with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies;
  • Radar;
  • Medical Devices using the mentioned technologies;
  • Machinery using the mentioned technologies;

The scope is really wide. The directive applies also when a single component already CE marked is installed within a product. This doesn’t involve that the product complies with the RED directive, therefore it’s necessary to carry out activities for the purposes of the CE marking on the entire finished product.

This Directive provides for the use of the Notified Body in mandatory shape for radio products that do not use the harmonized standards.

EU-type examination is the part of a conformity assessment procedure in which a CELAB LTD, as notified body examines the technical design of the radio equipment and verifies and attests that the technical design of the radio equipment meets the essential requirements of the directive.

In case of positive evaluation, CELAB LTD will issue an EU-TYPE EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE.

The process to obtain a EU-TYPE EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE by a notified body is really simple: you have not to send the physical product to CELAB Ltd, but only the documentation of the technical dossier by email.

Notice: the use of the Notified Body, in most cases, is not only mandatory, but also cheaper than the laboratory tests for the RED directive 2014/53/EU.

Download the RED directive Guide

Download the RED directive 2014/53/EU

(a guide to assist with the common application of RED Directive 2014/53/EU: it has no weight in law, but deals with a number of practical issues that will be of interest to manufacturers and other stakeholders)

CELAB LTD is Notified Body for the RED directive 2014/53/EU

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