Impartiality Policy



CELAB® is aware that one of the principal objectives is to instill TRUST in all involved parties.

To convey confidence, it is essential to ensure the respect of the PRINCIPLE OF IMPARTIALITY: Decisions based on objective Evidence of compliance (or non-conformity) and not influenced by other interests or other concerned parties;

Celab® therefore:

  • Recognizes the importance of the IMPARTIALITY in the conduct of its activities;
  • Manages the conflicts of interest;
  • Manages the objectivity of its activities;

In this perspective Celab® is committed to ensure the correct management of:

Conflicts of interest of its own, of the internal and/or external staff by:

  • Performing an Impartiality risk Analysis;
  • Providing a commitment to the absence of conflict of interest to be signed by all the involved subjects that, working with Celab, can influence the decision process;

Objectivity of all the activities by:

  • Providing assessors and qualified experts and with adequate technical skills to carry out the activities;
  • Providing internal qualified staff for the activity management in order to ensure large procedural and technical knowledge;

Impartial behavior by:

  • Timely management of the complaints and appeals by an independent persons.