Confidentiality Policy



Our customers entrust us with their information assets related to their products, the technologies used, their processes and the skills of their staff.

In addition to requirements related to the confidentiality of information (laws on the privacy, laws on the protection of the information, products subject to patent, contracts), CELAB® has to maintain absolute secrecy even on the products or processes.

Our behavior should not cause damage to our customers. We must be aware that behind a small innovation of our customer there are months of studies, research and hard work that our organization has to ensure.

Regarding this scope, we have to ensure that our procedures, our operating modalities and our equipment, ensure the respect of such constraints.

Our policy must include all the actions intended to not disclose any information to those who have no reason to know.
The approach for disclosing information will be based on a “Need to Know ” policy.

The firewall, our procedures of sending data, the servers installed behind armored systems and the destruction of the paper documents cannot serve to anything if first of all the people don’t respect the confidentiality of the information.

The improvement of the data confidentiality cannot be done without the commitment of all the staff.

All the staff involved on Celab process will sign a specific confidentiality agreement.